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com::jcraft::jorbis::VorbisFile Class Reference

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class  SeekableInputStream

Public Member Functions

int bitrate (int i)
int bitrate_instant ()
void close () throws java.io.IOException
Comment[] getComment ()
Comment getComment (int link)
Info[] getInfo ()
Info getInfo (int link)
int pcm_seek (long pos)
long pcm_tell ()
long pcm_total (int i)
int raw_seek (int pos)
long raw_tell ()
long raw_total (int i)
boolean seekable ()
int serialnumber (int i)
int streams ()
float time_tell ()
float time_total (int i)
 VorbisFile (InputStream is, byte[] initial, int ibytes) throws JOrbisException
 VorbisFile (String file) throws JOrbisException

Package Functions

int bisect_forward_serialno (long begin, long searched, long end, int currentno, int m)
int clear ()
void decode_clear ()
int fetch_headers (Info vi, Comment vc, int[] serialno, Page og_ptr)
int host_is_big_endian ()
int open (InputStream is, byte[] initial, int ibytes) throws JOrbisException
int open_callbacks (InputStream is, byte[] initial, int ibytes) throws JOrbisException
int open_nonseekable ()
int open_seekable () throws JOrbisException
void prefetch_all_headers (Info first_i, Comment first_c, int dataoffset) throws JOrbisException
int process_packet (int readp)
int read (byte[] buffer, int length, int bigendianp, int word, int sgned, int[] bitstream)
int time_seek (float seconds)

Static Package Functions

static int fseek (InputStream fis, long off, int whence)
static long ftell (InputStream fis)

Package Attributes

float bittrack
int current_link
int current_serialno
long[] dataoffsets
InputStream datasource
boolean decode_ready = false
long end
int links
long offset
long[] offsets
StreamState os = new StreamState()
SyncState oy = new SyncState()
long pcm_offset
long[] pcmlengths
float samptrack
boolean seekable = false
int[] serialnos
Block vb = new Block(vd)
Comment[] vc
DspState vd = new DspState()
Info[] vi

Static Package Attributes

static final int CHUNKSIZE = 8500
static final int OV_EBADHEADER = -133
static final int OV_EBADLINK = -137
static final int OV_EBADPACKET = -136
static final int OV_EFAULT = -129
static final int OV_EIMPL = -130
static final int OV_EINVAL = -131
static final int OV_ENOSEEK = -138
static final int OV_ENOTAUDIO = -135
static final int OV_ENOTVORBIS = -132
static final int OV_EOF = -2
static final int OV_EREAD = -128
static final int OV_EVERSION = -134
static final int OV_FALSE = -1
static final int OV_HOLE = -3
static final int SEEK_CUR = 1
static final int SEEK_END = 2
static final int SEEK_SET = 0

Private Member Functions

int get_data ()
int get_next_page (Page page, long boundary)
int get_prev_page (Page page) throws JOrbisException
int make_decode_ready ()
void seek_helper (long offst)

Detailed Description

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